Former BT employee wins asbestos compensation

Bernard Mottram, aged 82, has won compensation from his former employers BT after developing the rare cancer mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos.

Mr Mottram installed telephone lines at a 35-acre secret underground government bunker at Corsham in the 1990s, and says he was not warned that he would be working with asbestos fibre or advised to take any precautions. He said there were "no masks" used in those days, and that in all his time as an employee with BT he "never heard the words asbestos mentioned."

BT agreed to pay the compensation amount of £115,000 but did not admit that there was any exposure to asbestos during his work at Corsham. A BT statement advised that it had "agreed to make a compensation claim to Mr Mottram in respect of his mesothelioma" but that the "agreement has not been specific to any part of his employment".

If you have worked with asbestos in previous years you should consult your doctor for advice on illnesses related to asbestos exposure. For information and advice about making a compensation claim in respect of asbestos exposure contact Wilson Nesbitt solicitors in Belfast by emailing [email protected] .

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