Government urged to move fast on asbestos claims

Victims of industrial diseases related to asbestos are being forced to wait for long periods for their compensation claims to be processed due to government delays, it has been claimed.

Solicitors in Northern Ireland may be interested to hear that calls are being made by a number of MPS for the government to quicken its response to a ruling by the House of Lords last year related to victims of pleural plaque.

According to the Journal Live, the ruling, which prevented victims of the lung disease caused by exposure to asbestos from claiming compensation, has attracted support from more than 100 MPs.

The MPs have put their names to a motion in the Commons calling for a reversal of "the Law Lords decision of October 2007 that has deprived pleural plaques sufferers of much needed compensation".

A recent High Court ruling paved the way for asbestos victims to claim against their employer's insurance policies at the time of exposure to the building material.
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