Pensioner wins asbestos cancer compensation

A 73 year old man has settled a compensation package with his former employers after being diagnosed with the terminal lung cancer, mesothelioma, that is most commonly linked to asbestos exposure.

Fred Penn worked for Worcester Engineering in the 1970s, and continued to work with the company when it was acquired by the Bosch Group in 1992. In his 29 years of service he recalls specifically working for five years in an area filled with asbestos dust, and assembling wall-mounted boilers that required him to regularly handle sheets of asbestos. At no time was he given any protective clothing to wear.

Last year he was diagnosed with the terminal cancer mesothelioma, which affects the lining of the lungs and is connected to asbestos exposure. He brought a claim for compensation against the Bosch Group and they agreed upon a settlement amount without going to Court. Mr Penn, said that he brought the compensation claim to "ensure financial security for [his] wife and family."

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