Asbestos payout for woman who played by factory

By Gillian Crotty

A woman who has developed the terminal cancer mesothelioma has been awarded compensation from the parent company of the asbestos plant that she grew up next to.

Caroline Wilcock, aged 51, grew up next to the factory in Bowburn, County Durham, and made 'snowballs' from the asbestos dust from the plant. She brought a claim for compensation against Cape Intermediate Holdings Plc after being diagnosed with mesothelioma. Ms Wilcock says she pursued the claim out of a feeling of "responsibility to the community" she grew up in, and says that she does not think her case will be the only one.

Evidence during the case including recollections of writing in the asbestos dust, or using large lumps of it as chalk, as well as children using asbestos dust to make 'snowballs'.

The factory is no longer in operation and so the claim was brought against the parent company, who opted to settle out of court. The compensation sum is not known but is said to be 'substantial'.

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