Noisy classroom earns teacher £156k compensation

Joyce Walters, a teacher of English for Speakers of Other languages (ESOL) in London, has received a compensation award of £156,000 after developing vocal chord nodules from constantly having to raise her voice to be heard.

The teacher claimed that she constantly had to speak loudly in order to counteract the noise levels caused by overcrowding in her classroom as well as the adjacent play area for children. She developed the vocal chord nodules within less than a year of starting her job at the Harlington Adult Education Centre, and says that she had attempts to raise concerns over the matter ignored by her employers. The development of nodules results in hoarseness and they usually appear when the voice is strained consistently.

Mrs Walters had to resign from her job and there is little possibility that she will be able to return to a teaching job in the future. The claim amount is made up of two separate court settlements as she initially took Hillingdon Council to an employment tribunal and subsequently made her claim for personal injury compensation.

Lyn Harris, Head of the Claims department at Wilson Nesbitt solicitors in Belfast, commented:

"If you are injured in the workplace through no fault of your own it is very important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Many claims against employers by employees are for injuries that manifest themselves after sustained exposure to a harmful environment, in this case excessive noise caused the teacher to have to raise her voice in order to adequately perform her duties.

"Other examples are workers exposed to asbestos, dust or chemicals; workers developing dermatitis as a result of working with irritants; workers developing vibration white finger as a result of working with vibrating tools; workers suffering from industrial deafness as a result of exposure to excessive noise. Not all injuries in the workplace arise from an accident with a specific date."

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