Botched kidney transplant left donor requiring kidney

A pharmaceutical industry executive who wanted to donate one of his kidneys to his sick father is to sue Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust for £14million after the surgeon made a series of 'reckless' errors during the transplant. The amount sought is to pay for his ongoing care, medical expenses, and earnings lost as a result of his shattered career.

The man, who cannot be named, suffered a heart attack, a 'torrential' loss of blood, and irreversible damage to his remaining kidney after surgeon Kamal Abusin made a number of mistakes during the transplant which were described in court as 'reckless'. The man spent a year on a dialysis machine as a result, and has since had a life saving kidney transplant after his sister donated one of her kidneys.

The initial botched transplant took place at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth and the NHS Trust responsible has admitted liability. Surgeon Kamal Abusin is to undergo a disciplinary hearing.

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