Man has fall in court in front of 10 injury claims lawyers

It sounds like the intro to yet another solicitor joke, or the plot of a TV comedy show, but one man's fall could not have been scripted to be any more ironic than it really was.

The man is reported to have been waiting in the public claims court to defend a claim against him. Upon feeling quite warm, he rose to get some water, and in the presence of 10 injury claim lawyers, tripped over a metal bar from a broken chair and bust his nose as his head fell on the marble framework.

The accident happened at Glasgow Sheriff Court, and while paramedics were called it is said that he did not require hospital treatment. One lawyer who was in the court at the time said:

"The lawyers managed to restrain themselves, though there's definitely a claim there, I reckon.

"That seat has been missing a while. The bar sticks out and the poor guy just didn't see it."

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