?2.25million compensation for paralysed car crash victim

A man who was left paralysed after a car crash which claimed the life of his friend has been awarded £2.25m compensation.

Anthony Nathaniel Bennett, a 26 year old labourer and bricklayer was seated in the back of the car, driven by his friend Jonathan Stephens, when it crashed into a boulder on the side of the road in October 2003. Mr Stephens was killed but Mr Bennett was left completely paraplegic after suffering multiple fractures.

Mr Bennett launched a High Court compensation claim against Mr Stephens insurers and won the right to a payout worth at least £2.25 million, which was agreed after long-running negotiations between the two sides. His lawyers were due to argue that the driver was at fault for the accident because he drove too fast and did not take the appropriate action that would have avoided the accident.

Mr Bennett could also receive additional annual payments to fund his care with the issue being dealt with in a High Court hearing later this year.

Lyn Harris, Head of the Personal Injury Claims department at Wilson Nesbitt solicitors, commented that:

"In cases involving catastrophic injuries such as this it is of vital importance that the Plaintiff's legal team obtain all necessary expert evidence detailing past and future care needs as well as loss of income. Careful consideration must be given to the care and treatment that the Plaintiff will require for the rest of his life and the best payment structure to employ. It is important to check that your Solicitor is experienced in cases of this nature and if in doubt check to see if the Solicitor or the Firm is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers."

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