?3million compensation award for injuries caused at birth

Helen Walker has been awarded compensation of £3million to be paid in lifelong periodic payments for injuries caused to her when she was born 37 years ago at Birmingham Women's hospital.

Helen Ms Walker has needed constant care since the prolonged delivery; diagnosed with permanent brain damage when she was a toddler. The West Midlands Strategic Health Authority admitted negligence and communicated through its counsel, Terence Coghlan QC, its large regret and wished the family well.
The family's lawyer Tom Cook said the specialist care Ms Walker would need to make "a difference to her quality of life" was very expensive, and added that the "claim against the hospital seeks to provide a financial settlement which will provide for her future.

"Her parents are aware that the time will eventually come when they won't be there to look after her and they are concerned to ensure that her future is secure" he continued.

Normally there is a three-year time limit for making an injury claim, but because Ms Walker was a child who did not have mental capacity as a result of her injury, there was no time limit to bring the claim.

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