NI police in compensation claims

In news that may be of interest to solicitors in Northern Ireland, police officers in the region stand to receive close to £90 million in compensation related to firearms.

According to the BBC, because of failure to provide police officers in NI with ear protection during fire arms training, police authorities will have to fork out £87 million in compensation.

This was revealed to the news provider by a member of the Policing Board, whose statement comes amid revelations that more than £5.5 million has already been paid out.

Serving as well as former police officers are among some 515 to have received the compensation and some 1,236 claims are still pending.

According to a Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) statement, senior officers were due to meet the policing board "to discuss the very difficult financial pressures that the police service is facing".

NI police statistics show that crime decreased by over ten per cent in 2007/08.

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