Racist attacks have risen

Solicitors in Northern Ireland are likely to have seen more criminal injury cases in which the victims are Polish after a spate of attacks in Killycomaine.

Although many Polish immigrants have settled peacefully into Belfast and Northern Ireland, solicitors who cover Portadown should note that they may see cases where criminal assaults are committed on Poles.

Only this year 15 racially-motivated incidents have been reported to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in the area and victims of serious attacks may go on to contact their solicitors.

A PSNI spokeswoman told the Irish News: "Police in Portadown are extremely concerned at a number of racially-motivated incidents in the Killycomaine area recently.

"There have been 15 incidents reported since the start of the year, ranging from egg-throwing to more serious incidents of assault.

"All of these incidents have been followed up by the Community Safety Team and are being investigated."

Speaking on BBC Radio Ulster, a Polish woman described how her son was attacked.

"He was hit on the head by two boys and was taken to the hospital, he had stitches on his head, and that case was reported to the police," she said.

However, solicitors could see these cases fall as quickly as they have risen, as statistics show that as the economy improves in Poland, many immigrants are returning home.

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