Death toll on NI roads hits 100

It seems that the number of road traffic accidents that solicitors in Northern Ireland have to deal with will not be reduced after underinvestment on the province's roads was revealed.

Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy has admitted in the Northern Ireland Assembly that the nation's roads have received just a fifth of the investment spent on England's roads.

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland have seen no small number of road traffic accidents in recent years and just this weekend the province's roads claimed their 100th victim.

Although accidents are often a result of careless or reckless driving, solicitors in Northern Ireland could see personal injury claims being brought adainst authorities if the Roads Service does not mend the roadways.

Alan Woodside from the University of Ulster said to Utv: "The more potholes and the more dangerous the more likely you are to lose lives.

"Is there an acceptable level of safety? Are they trying to patch and manage and service rather than trying to enhance this?"

A man died following a road accident in County Armagh on Monday evening while four passengers were injured.

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