Door firm forced to pay damages

A door firm has agreed to pay £5,350 in damages to a hospital worker after she was injured by a product that had not been fitted correctly.

Workplace Law reports that in March 2006, Amy Whitcombe was injured so badly that she required physiotherapy after being crushed under a heavy door which fell off its hinges.

The 26-year-old was struck at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend and the rubber door was so heavy that several staff members had to be called to remove it.

The incident left Ms Whitcombe shaken and with injuries to her knee and back.

Ms Whitcombe called on the help of both Unison and her Cardiff solicitors to bring the claim for professional negligence against B & B Industrial Doors, which admitted liability for the accident.

Eddie Gabrielsen, Unison's regional organiser pointed out that the accident showed that people in Britain and Northern Ireland can be at risk anywhere in the workplace if jobs, such as fitting doors, are not properly done.

Kirstie Ellaway, Ms Whitcombe's solicitor said: "It was unfortunate for Amy that she was on the receiving end of a door that clearly hadn't been fitted properly. The compensation has gone some way towards making up for the pain and suffering, however she still has to walk through those doors and it's an uncomfortable experience."

Ms Whitcombe added: "You expect your working environment to be safe, especially in a hospital where so many people are coming and going. I was in a lot of pain after the accident and even now I shudder when I walk through that part of the building. It makes you wary of any place or part of the building which potentially hasn't been secured as it should have been."

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