Education Worker claims unfair dismissal

An Education Worker is taking the London Borough of Camden Council to an employment tribunal, claiming unfair dismissal, race discrimination and victimisation.

Salik Miah worked for the council in their education department from 2001, ensuring that young offenders were in full time education or employment, but was dismissed in October 2006.

According to Workplace Law, in 2004 Mr Miah's employer began suggesting that he was not capable of the job, although the claimant says the council offered no support to improve his skills. Then in 2005, the council sent him for an IQ test on the pretext of it being a training session, the results of which it used to produce a damning report against him.

Mr Miah argued that the IQ test was not a fair reflection on people whose mother tongue is not English and suggested that the contents of the report were deliberately manipulated. Mr Miah was issued with a written warning and later dismissed and replaced by two educational psychologists.

After claiming unfair dismissal on grounds of race, the Central London Employment Tribunal is now hearing his case.

Miah's solicitor, Arpita Dutt from Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "My client was subjected to discriminatory treatment, on account of his race and the fact that he had previously challenged discriminatory behaviour.

"He was subjected to a sham workplace assessment, which was not even used for the training purposes it was supposedly set for, but treated as an opportunity to discredit my client."

Mr Dutt suggested that councils in Britain and Northern Ireland should take note of this case being raised, so that they can "look again at their practices and ensure they are not discriminatory in any".

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