Forklift truck warning for employers

Employers have been reminded about the dangers of working with forklift trucks following a serious injury to one worker in Berwick.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has urged employers in Britain and Northern Ireland that work with forklift trucks to ensure that proper safety procedures are in place and being strictly followed.

The warning has come after Silvery Tweed Cereals was fined £20,000 for breaching health and safety regulations which resulted in an employee being paralysed.

Anyone who believes their employer has breached health and safety regulations should seek advice from their solicitors to discover whether they have a case.

Commenting on the incident in Berwick, HSE inspector, Martin Baillie, said: "Forklift trucks were responsible for just under 2,000 reportable incidents last year, including seven deaths. They are a potential danger to their operators and to other people in the vicinity if not operated with great care."

He added: "Employers must ensure they assess the risks involved in any use of these vehicles and take appropriate steps to counter those risks. They must also provide adequate health and safety training for any employees operating forklift trucks."

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