Younger drivers tempted to drink-drive in summer

A new poll carried out by AA/Populus suggests that younger drivers face increased temptation to drink-drive during the summer months.

The motorists who responded to the poll said that there were more temptations to drink-drive in the summer than the winter, and the view was particularly expressed by drivers aged 18 to 24-years old. There were regional differences, with 54% of those from North West England believing that the temptation was increased in the summer, while 43% of motorists from Northern Ireland said the same.

The survey also looked at how people responded to getting into the car of a designated driver if they had been drinking. On average 68% of those polled said they would confiscate the keys from the driver, though that percentage rose to 80% among those motorists from Northern Ireland. Females were more likely to confiscate keys than males- 74% compared to 65%. Interestingly, middle aged drivers aged 35 to 54-years-old were more likely to confiscate keys than younger and older drivers.

Drink-driving is a major cause of fatal road traffic accidents in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Even in cases were no physical harm is caused motorists should also consider the consequences of penalty points or losing their drivers license if they were caught drink-driving by police. A lost license causes a significant impact on a person's ability to work and to carry out their daily activities.

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