Negligence compensation for drug duplication error

By Gillian Crotty

A 77 year old man has been awarded £40,000 clinical negligence compensation after a hospital error resulting in him receiving a double doses of a medicine known to cause damage to hearing if given in large quantities.

Albert Davenport was admitted to a hospital with pains in his leg in 2009 and was accidentally given a double doses of Gentamicin, which can cause a loss in hearing of not administered moderately. Mr Davenport has since lost nearly all of the hearing in his right ear, and some in his left ear as a result of the negligent error.

Furthermore, he only became aware of the error when he made a general complaint about how he was treated during his time in the hospital. When the staff looked at his file they mentioned the error resulting in the double doses of the drug as "if it was something [he] knew about." It was only then that he understood why his hearing was deteriorating so rapidly and he brought a claim for medical negligence compensation against the hospital.

The hospital has apologised for the error and £40,000 clinical negligence compensation has been awarded to Mr Davenport to cover the cost of hearings aids and treatment.

If you have suffered injury or loss as a result of negligent medical care you received in Northern Ireland you may be entitled to compensation to cover your medical costs and other losses. For information and advice contact one of the claims solicitors at Wilson Nesbitt in Belfast by calling 0800 840 9289.