Police investigate man eating cereal while driving

By Neil Logan

A youtube video showing a motorist eating cereal while driving through a busy city centre has generated criticism by action groups and has also got the attention of the police.

A cyclist wearing a helmet camera captured footage of a motorist eating from a bowl of cereal while driving through Edinburgh city centre at around 35mph. Eating while driving can result in penalty points and a fine, and the Edinburgh police say they have launched an investigation into the incident, appealing for anyone who can assist to get in contact with them.

Numerous road safety groups have publicly criticised the driver, with Kevin Clinton of The Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) saying it was a "particularly stupid and dangerous thing to do". He warned that such driver behaviour can increase the risk of an accident, and result in serious charges for the driver.

At Wilson Nesbitt we have experience of dealing with victims of road crashes where one of the drivers involved was distracted by their mobile phone or engaged in other similarly dangerous behaviour at the wheel. We are proud to sponsor the Brake charity Road Safety Week encouraging drivers to 'Tune-in' when behind the wheel, and encourage all our clients to free themselves of distraction when they are driving.