Compensation claim alleges medical negligence caused brain damage

By Gary Adair

A medical negligence compensation claim has been launched in respect of a boy born with devastating brain damage at Coventry’s University Hospital.

The boy now suffers from severe cerebral palsy affecting his arms and his legs, and his mother claims that his brain damage was caused as a result of medical negligence by staff at the hospital. He was born in a birthing pool at the Lucian Birthing Centre in 2014, and the claim alleges that he was starved of oxygen for around 20 minutes after hospital staff failed to monitor his heart rate properly. The claim alleges that staff did not realise that the boy’s circulation had collapsed, which had it been noticed, would have prompted them to call the paediatric team who could have resuscitated him 4 minutes earlier.

His mother also claims that the son was not therapeutically cooled after birth, as he should have been, and alleges that this would prevented some of the damage that was caused. The writ outlining the medical negligence claim says that the boy will never be able to work and will need professional carers, adapted and extended accommodation, educational support, and other aids and therapies.

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