Police Ombudsman receives 16,000 complaints in 5 years

The Police Ombudsman has released an equality report tracking trends in the make up of the 16,000 complaints he has received since 2006.  The report showed young men are the most likely to make a complaint with almost 50% of the complainants being men under 45.

Males aged between 16 and 24 were the most likely to complain of oppressive behaviour by the PSNI.  A spokeswoman for the Police Ombudsman said:

"There is some research evidence to suggest that young men may be more likely to come in contact with the police and because of the nature of the contact are more likely to either experience or allege inappropriate police behaviour."

The report also stated that 48% of those who made a complaint said they did not support any political party.

Commenting on the story Northern Ireland criminal solicitor Gary Adair said:

"It is interesting to note that less than 3% of the 16,000 complaints were upheld.  There can be a variety of reasons for this including a lack of evidence to support the behaviour alleged.

"I would advise those attending with the police whether voluntarily or following an arrest to take a solicitor with them to the police station.  A solicitor will help to protect your rights and seek to ensure you are treated fairly by the police, avoiding the need for a complaint to the Ombudsman afterwards.  Most criminal firms operate a 24 hour call out service and representation at the police station is always free."

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