Woman given jail sentence following manslaughter conviction

Caroline Meeking, the woman found guilty of causing the death of her husband Alan Meeking, has been sentenced to serve two years in prison. Mrs Meeking had been found guilty of the manslaughter of her husband at Bristol Crown Court in November last year.

The couple had been drinking together on the 30th August 2011 when an argument broke out while the couple were driving home. Mrs Meeking caused the car in which they were driving to crash by pulling up the handbrake. The vehicle hit an oncoming vehicle and Mr Meeking died at the scene.

During the two day trial Mrs Meeking told the Court how she had believed that pulling up the handbrake would cause the car to slow down or stop so that she could get out.

Commenting on the story Belfast Criminal Solicitor Neil Logan said:

“In Northern Ireland manslaughter is an offence at common law as well as being prohibited under Criminal Justice Act (NI) 1966 and the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. The offence can carry with it a life sentence however in most cases a number of mitigating factors will provide for a significantly reduced sentence compared with those handed down for murder.”

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