New criminal powers used by police over 4000 times

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has confirmed that it has used new powers to deal with minor criminal offences more than 4,000 times to date. The new powers enable police officers to use their discretion to dispose of such minor offences by getting the offender to issue an apology to the victim or indeed repair any damage caused by them.

Commenting on this story Belfast Criminal Solicitor Neil Logan stated,

“The Court system is clogged with cases of minor offences that have been committed by first time offenders and would be best disposed of under the new police powers.

The new powers afforded to police officers must be welcomed due to the fact that such measures will inevitably help to clear the backlog of cases going through the Court system. From the perpetrators point of view the avoidance of a criminal record will act as an incentive to embrace the new police powers. The victim also plays an important role in this process and it is notable that their consent is required before a matter can be disposed of in such a manner.”

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