Public Prosecution Service accepts Manslaughter plea

Gary Moane, 36, from Lisolvan Park, entered a plea of guilty to the manslaughter of Ciaran Woods in Tempo in July 2010. Mr Moane was originally charged with murder however the lawyers for the Public Prosecution Service accepted that he had "an abnormality of mind which impaired his responsibility".

Mr Moane also admitted assaulting a woman and threatening to kill another man along with hijacking a car and drink driving. He will be sentenced in Dungannon Crown Court on 7 June 2012.

Commenting on the story Northern Ireland criminal solicitor Gary Adair said:

"In this case the prosecution have accepted a plea of guilty to a lesser charge rather than going through a trial where the outcome may have been that Mr Moane was convicted of manslaughter or acquitted of murder. This sort of negotiation between the prosecution and defence is common and is an important part of the criminal solicitor’s job.

"It is important that everyone going through the criminal process whether in the Crown Court or Magistrates’ Court contacts a criminal solicitor straight away in order to ensure the best possible outcome. The fees for most serious criminal offences will be covered by legal aid."

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