5 year ban for Belfast drunk driver

Belfast man Carl Dougherty, aged 29, has been banned from driving for five years after committing a number offences that began with drunk driving in east Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Police attempted to catch Mr Dougherty after witnessing him driving erratically and at speed. When it appeared he was going to stop he then attempted to intentionally crash into the police car. It took four police offices to restrain Mr Dougherty, who spat in the face of one officer and resisted arrest. He then banged his head off a windscreen resulting in a cut that required him to be taken to hospital, and he also shouted abuse at officers, and urinated in a police vehicle.

His defence solicitor said that Mr Dougherty was ashamed of his actions, and that they resulted from 'falling off the wagon' in response to some bad personal news. District Judge Harry McKibbin said he had to consider "the enormity of the offences", banning him from driving for five years and ordering him to enroll in anger management and alcoholism courses. Mr Dougherty will also serve two years probation, and was warned that a further offence would result in a prison sentence.

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