Drivers favour increased fines for motoring offences

The majority of drivers are in favour of increased fines for motoring offences according to a survey carried out by the charity 'Brake' and 'Direct Line'.
Of those surveyed 78% said that careless driving and speeding should be penalised with a fine of £200 or more, instead of the current proposal by the government of £90. And nearly half (45%) went further and said the fines should be £500 or over.

Senior campaigns officer at Brake, Ellen Booth, commented that the £90 proposed by the government would not be a sufficient deterrent, and also called on the government to revise the points system that allows some drivers to keep their license despite accumulating 12 points or more.

The results of the survey make for interest reading next to another survey carried out  by YouGov earlier this month, which suggested that over 75 per cent of UK drivers break the speed limit, and that 25% found it acceptable to do so. Click here to read the full article in respect of that survey

It would appear that the majority of drivers are in agreement about the need to punish careless driving and speeding, but that that same majority will be among those paying the fines - whatever they might be increased to.

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