Guard jailed for manslaughter after train fall death

A railway guard has been jailed for manslaughter as a result of signalling for a train to move away from the platform even though a teenage girl was supporting herself against the train. As the train moved away 16-year-old Georgia Varley fell between the carriage and platform suffering fatal injuries.

Georgia was nearly 3 times over the legal driving limit and a the drug mephedrone was also found in her system. She had mistakenly got out of the carriage and then realised it wasn't her stop. She leaned against the side of the train and that was when Christopher McGee, aged 45, signalled to the driver to move on. CCTV footage showed Georgia staggering as a result of the movement of the train and falling down the gap between the train and platform. Mr McGee denied the charge of manslaughter, saying he was not aware of how drink Georgia was and thought that she was moving away from the train.

The judge referred to Mr McGee's "complete control of the movement of the train", and said the intoxication of Georgia did not remove "the duty of care" he owed to her. He said the CCTV footage was "unequivocal" in showing that Georgia was not moving away from the train or "showing any sign of moving away". Awarding a five year prison sentence, the judge said he believed Mr McGee "assumed she would get out of the way" and his actions amounted to a "terrible risk".