Speeding motorists bizarre excuse to police

A man has been jailed for 28 days after telling a police officer who caught him speeding that he was a doctor on an urgent call to a hospital to pick up an organ.

Neil Cooke, aged 43, was clocked tavelling at 110mph and was stopped by Constable Ross Sheriff. Mr Cooke advised that he was a doctor and had just received an urgent call to "collect an organ". Mr Sheriff called the ambulance service Mr Cooke said he was working for to verify the story, but they advised that he did not work for them. Still concerned that there may be an actual medical emergency, Mr Sheriff offered to follow Mr Cooke to the hospital. No one at the hospital said they were expecting Mr Cooke and their was no organ to be collected.

At the hearing Mr Cooke maintained his story that he was responding to an emergency call, but District Judge Michael Abelson said he it was an "invention", with no attempt having been made to prove otherwise. The court learned that Mr Cooke had other driving convictions, as well as a conviction for attemptin to obtain property by deception. The Judge called him a "conman" who had made "a deliberate attempt to subvert justice".

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