Jail for drink-driver who left fiancee to die

Merthyr Crown Court has sentenced Ceiron Cook, aged 36, to four years in prison after he crashed his car while under the influence of drink and drugs, and fled the scene, leaving his fiancee dying or dead in the passenger seat of the car.

Mr Cook had been drinking and smoking cannabis on the night of the incident, and a test revealed that he was over the legal limit for alcohol in the blood. His 28 year old fiancee, Lynsey Popp, mother of two, was set in the passenger seat when the car crashed into a tree. Mr Cook fled the scene and went home to bed, leaving Ms Popp in the car with fatal injuries. Sometime later two passers-by noticed the car and called emergency services, but Ms Popp had died at the scene.

The court learned that Mr Cook had no insurance was driving on a provisional licence, and that he had a previous record of driving without insurance and while disqualified. He admitted causing death by careless driving while over the alcohol limit and was sentenced to four years in prison.