Man who killed parents to get inheritance jailed

The man who shot and killed both his parents in order to get his inheritance early has been given a life sentence with a minimum of 40 years, as well as a 20 year sentence for the failed attempt to murder them prior to the shooting.

Stephen Seddon, aged 46, had previously tried to murder his parents, Robert and Patricia, aged 68 and 65 respectively, by driving his car into a canal while they were both strapped into the back seat. At the time he was dubbed a hero when they both survived, but when months later he drove to their home and shot them both dead with a sawn-off shotgun, it became clear that the car accident was faked, and was the first known attempt by him to kill his parents.

Mr Seddon's parents had supported him very generously, giving him £40,000 and purchasing him his home in Seaham, after he was convicted of fraudulent trading in 2000 resulting in the loss of his luxury lifestyle as a company director. A Will made by the couple in October 2009 named him as the sole beneficiary if their £230,000 estate in the event that they both died. He was convicted of murder and attempted murder at Manchester Crown Court, and his life sentence for murder and 20 year sentence for attempted murder are to run concurrently.