Footballer admits driving while banned

Manchester City footballer Carlos Tevez, aged 29, has admitted to driving while banned and without insurance, and has been ordered to carry out 250 hours of community service.

Mr Tevez must also pay a fine of £1,000 and has been banned from driving for six months. He had been banned previously after he was caught speeding and failed to respond to several letters sent out to him by the police. On 7th March he was stopped by police while driving from a Golf Club in a white Range Rover despite being disqualified. He reportedly told officers that he only lived two minutes away. He was taken to the police station and bailed.

The case highlights a common problem for foreigners who come to the UK and wish to start driving. The Macclesfield Magistrates' Court was told that Mr Tevez had been unable to get a UK license because his English wasn't good enough to pass the theory test, and at the time of his previous disqualification in respect of speeding, it was said that he did not understand the letters sent out to him by the police, which he did not respond to.

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