Driver who killed cyclist gets 5yr ban

A driver who caused the death of a 75 year old cyclist has been given a 5 year driving ban and ordered to do 300 hours of community service. The punishment immediately came in for criticism, and prosecutors are considering whether it was in deed too lenient.

Mr McCourt, aged 49 from Edinburgh, was found to have caused the death of cyclist Audrey Fyfe in August 2011, and in 1986 was similarly found guilty of causing the death of a cyclist by reckless driving in an incident in 1985. In that instance, Mr McCourt was jailed for two years.

Sheriff James Scott said he believed that Mrs Fyfe, while in no way responsible for the accident, had contributed to her death by choosing not to wear a helmet. He also took into account that there were no drink or drugs involved on Mr McCourt's part, that he was genuinely remorseful, and that he was suffering from depression, and possibly post-traumatic stress disorder. The Crown Office have since confirmed that they will consider whether the sentence was not sufficient.

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