Jail for NI burglar with 143 previous convictions

By Gary Adair

A Northern Ireland man has been given a 3 year prison sentence for breaking into a house with a hammer, with the judge calling his record of 143 convictions "appalling".

Ryan McGlinchey, aged 30 from Limivady, has previous convictions for burglaries, thefts, kidnapping and assaults. At his hearing at Londonderry Crown Court, Judge Babbington said an assessment of Mr McGlinchey had concluded that he posed a serious risk of harm to the public and was deemed likely to re-offend. He will spend 15 months in prison and 21 months on licence, during which time he will have a curfew and an electronic tag.

Mr McGlinchey was before the court for breaking into a house with a hammer, which he left behind at the scene of the crime. It took just 30 minutes for police to apprehend him after the tenant of the house gave them a description. He had stolen mobile phone and a set of keys.

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