Driver gets 24 penalty points in one week

By Gary Adair

A motorist who had a clean drivers licence managed to accumulate 24 penalty points in one week as a result of eight speeding offences.

Vincent Holden, aged 30, had already committed the eight speeding offences by the time the first penalty notice arrived in the post - it was followed by seven others. The freelance radiographer even managed to clock up more than one offence on the same day on the stretch of road leading to his work. In his defence, Mr Holden said the other cars were driving around the same speed, 81mph in a 60mph zone, and that he assumed the cameras were not turned on.

Mr Holden pleaded guilty to the eight charges of speeding and asked for leniency on grounds of exceptional hardship that would be caused if he lost his licence. The Magistrates accepted his plea and did not disqualify him from driving, but did advise him that the 24 points would remain on his licence for three years. He was ordered to pay a total of £720 in fines and costs.

Motorists who have accumulated sufficient points for a driving ban can appeal to the court that they would suffer exceptional hardship if they could no longer drive. The plea is only successful in a small percentage of cases, with the court judging each case on its' particular merits.

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