Driver who killed cyclist jailed for 5 years

By Gary Adair

The driver of a minibus who hit and killed a cyclist when he was operating his mobile phone while driving has been jailed for 5 years.

Andrzej Wojcicki, aged 45, was looking at pictures of vintage sports cars on his mobile phone while driving at 50mph. His family were travelling in the minibus with him and he had taken the pictures himself as he drove. He hit 30 year old cyclist Richard James who died as a result of the injuries he sustained.

Mr Wojcicki denied using his mobile phone at the time of the accident, and alleged that Mr James had suddenly swerved into the path of the minibus. The Judge however rejected that argument had said he was "paying little if any attention to the road" and said the lack of traffic and clear visibility meant he would have been aware of the cyclist if he "he had been looking". He said the distraction of looking at photos while driving "is every bit as dangerous as texting".

Mr Wojcicki was given a 5 year jail term and banned from driving for 10 years.