'Serious' setback for injured firefighters

A High Court ruling on ill-health could have a serious effect on the pensions of retired firefighters, the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has claimed.

Matt Wrack told Channel 4's News at Noon he disagreed with the decision to reject the FBU's case in a court battle aiming to protect the pensions of three retired firefighters.

He said that the decision puts at risk the pensions of hundreds of firefighters who retired because of being injured at work.

Mr Wrack added: "I think it also raises within the fire rescue service a really serious question that's about the risk that firefighters take."

"Can they afford to take these risks if their families are not going to be protected in the event of them being injured?" he asked.

Solicitors in Northern Ireland can offer advice to those who have suffered an injury in the workplace.

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service describes its "mission" as being to ensure the "safety and wellbeing of our community".

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