NI contractor fined for serious negligence

Contractors in Belfast and Northern Ireland have been sent a stern message to take health and safety regulations seriously after a court ordered a hefty fine for a breach in the rules.

According to 4NI website, solicitors were unable to prevent one Northern Ireland contractor from being hit with a £25,000 fine after one of its employees suffered a fall in the workplace.

Paul Paulose fell from height working on a farm building in Corbet for Paul Casement Contracts.

The contractor pleaded guilty to a breach of the Northern Ireland Construction Regulations and was duly fined in Newry Crown Court for professional negligence.

Cases of professional negligence in Belfast and Northern Ireland attract fines which reflect the seriousness of breaches and the severity of the resulting injuries, hence the large amount in this case.

Ken Logan, principal construction inspector for the Health & Safety Executive in Northern Ireland said: "This was a serious incident that could easily have resulted in a worker being killed.

"The system of work employed in this incident was totally unacceptable. There was no edge protection and no precautions taken to prevent workers from falling through a fragile roof light."

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland are most likely to see fatal accidents in the construction industry caused by falls from heights.

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