NI Health Dept paid £116m in negligence compensation

The Northern Ireland Department of Health has paid out negligence compensation totalling £116million over the last five years according to a new report by Stormont's Public Accounts Committee.

The report raises concerns about the extent of negligent medical care being provided to patients in Northern Ireland, with 2,084 adverse incidents reported between July 2004 and March 2012. Of those incidents, 813 involved the death of a patient, including 488 suicides. As with previous reports, one of the issues highlighted was a reluctance among nurses to report incidents of negligence or other safety problems, and it called for the Health and Social Care department to do more to encourage "honest reporting".

The Public Accounts Committee also felt that patients turned to medical negligence claims solicitors because the complaints and claims procedures of the department were too confusing and difficult, and there is a lack of dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation.

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