Newly qualified NI driver jailed for head on crash

A Northern Ireland driver who had passed his test just one month before causing a head-on crash with another vehicle has been jailed for 15 months at Londonderry Crown Court.

Nathan McCaw, aged 21 from Magherafelt, was driving at approximately 75mph around a corner when he lost control of the car, and while on the wrong side of the road, crashed head-on into an oncoming car containing an elderly couple. The other driver and his wife, both in their early 70s sustained multiple fractures. Both cars were written off as a result of the crash.

Judge Babbington called Mr McCaw's driving at the time of the accident "appalling", and despite the elderly couple who were in the car he crashed into saying they did not want Mr McCaw to go to prison, he was given a 15 month jail sentence. He will remain on license for 9 months after being released, and is disqualified from driving for four years.

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