Claim fraudster criticised for damage to honest victims

A judge has criticised a man who fraudulently claimed nearly £1million in compensation for adding to the public skepticism that damages "genuinely injured people putting forward wholly honest claims".

David Ribchester was given an 8 month prison sentence for claiming £923,00 from insurers by false representation. He was involved in an accident at work in February 2006 in which he hurt both wrists. He told doctors that he could not do housework, drive, get in and out of the bath without help, or lift up his young daughter. He also told psychiatrists that he was "emotionally scarred" by the accident and they returned a diagnosis of moderate post-traumatic stress disorder.

Insurance investigators secretly filmed Mr Ribchester playing rugby, driving his car, building up furniture, carrying heavy shopping bags and lifting his daughter.

Judge Nicholas Cooke said cases like this added to public skepticism of compensation claims, and that Mr Ribchester had exploited "a system which exists to compensate the genuinely injured." He issued a prison sentence and warned that anyone found guilty of this kind of dishonesty would receive the same.

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