Sun article on mental patients labelled irresponsible

By Gary Adair

A front page headline article in the Sun newspaper has been labeled as "irresponsible and wrong" by one mental health charity, and criticised by many more for it's sensationalist headline that adds to a negative perception of people who suffer from mental health problems.

The front-page of the newspaper was dominated by the headline "1,200 killed by mental patients", and although the article does say that some of the "high risk patients" had been failed by the system, the dramatic title to the piece has been described as "harmful" to people suffering from mental health problems. Alistair Campbell took to twitter to criticise the piece, saying that "constant media linkage of violence and mental illness leads to violence against the mentally ill rather than by them".

Several mental health charities have spoken out against the facts of the article, saying that figures suggest that homicides by people with mental illness has not increased in decades, and some studies even conclude that there has been a decrease in such crimes. The focus of concern for those reacting to the article has been how the headline will fuel public perception of people who suffer from mental health problems.

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