PSNI handling 60 domestic violence call outs a day

By Lenore Rice

The Belfast Telegraph has revealed that the police in Northern Ireland are having to respond to 60 call-outs a day in connection with domestic violence.

There were 27,000 cases of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland last year, and given the relatively low level of reporting by victims of violence by a partner or family member, the figures are only hinting at the true size of Northern Ireland's problem with domestic violence. A spokesman for the PSNI said that victims will have often suffered abuse a number of times before finally reaching out to the police, and many more are "suffering in silence".

Even with the problem of under-reporting, the 27,000 calls to the police in respect of domestic violence far out-number the 2,261 sectarian and 1,220 racist call-outs the PSNI responded to. Convictions for domestic abuse in Northern Ireland have reached their highest levels since 2004/5, while by contrast, domestic convictions in England and Wales have been falling.

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