GBH case uncovered by video and photos on a mobile

By Gary Adair

A case of grievous bodily harm against a Northern Ireland women with learning difficulties has come to light as a result of a video and photos found on a mobile phone seized by detectives.

Four people have appeared at Ballymena Magistrates' Court on charges of grievous bodily harm, attempted grievous bodily harm, and common assault. The telephone of one of the accused, Paula Wilson, aged 20, was seized in connection with an unrelated matter, and detectives found a video and photos showing the victim lying unconscious at the flat of one of the accused - Nathan Telford, aged 22. She is partially clothed, and the video shows Mr Telford and two other men, Paul Balmer and Alister Hamilton, dry shaving her head while Ms Wilson records it on her phone.

The victim, who was granted anonymity, did not report the incident because she was afraid. She has no recollection of the incident, but said that when she regained consciousness she discovered most of her hair had been removed and blank ink was all across her face. She was immediately ordered out of the flat by Mr Telford.

The case against the defendants is quite unique in that the victim has no recollection of the offence, but the video footage and photos are considered by the judge to provide a "real record" of the assault. The four accused did not speak during the court proceedings, and no applications for bail were made. They will remain in custody until and the case will continue in December.

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