NI drink driver had 41 previous motoring convictions

By Gary Adair

A Northern Ireland man has been given an 18 month jail sentence after crashing into two cars while two times over the legal drink drive limit.

The judge at Londonderry Crown Court called John McBride's criminal record "appalling" - he had 88 previous convictions, of which 41 related to driving offences. He faced a further 9 charges in respect of an incident on 9th May last year when he crashed into one car and collided with another while over the drink drive limit. The judge sentenced Mr Bride to 18 months in prison, and he has been disqualified for driving from 3 years.

If you are required to attend a police station in Northern Ireland in respect of a motoring or other criminal offence, remember you are entitled to have a solicitor with you during the interview, and legal aid is available to anyone who cannot afford their own legal representation.