Survey reveals extent of domestic violence in Europe

By Lenore Rice

A survey of 42,000 women in Europe has revealed that one in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence since the age of 15, and Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK has the fifth highest number of reported incidents.

Some of the more alarming statistics within the report include that 67 per cent of those who suffer domestic violence or sexual violence by a partner do not report the most serious incidents to the police, and that 55 per cent of women say they have been sexually harassed, often at their place of work.

The director of the Agency for Fundamental Rights says the report reveals a "picture of extensive abuse that affects many women's lives, but is systematically under-reported to the authorities". He said "violence against women is an extensive human rights abuse in all EU member states".

The report calls on EU countries to review their laws and policies on sexual harassment, and to treat domestic violence as a public, not a private issue. It also suggested that domestic violence campaigns be directed at both men and women.

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