Jail for 150mph driver with 4 young children in car

By Gary Adair

A man has been given a 20 week prison sentence for driving at 150mph with 4 young children in the car who were not wearing seatbelts.

Police officers finally caught up with Keith Millard, aged 27, on the A1 dual carriageway at Cambridgeshire when heavy traffic forced him to slow down to 90mph. He was driving his father's Mercedes car, which he was did not have insurance for, and told the police he was rushing to board the ferry. As well as a female passenger, police observed that there were two 6-month-old twins in car seats and two toddlers, aged one and two, that were not wearing seat belts.

Mr Millard admitted the motoring offences of driving without insurance and dangerous driving, and was given a 20 week jail sentence and disqualified from driving for 3 years.

Sgt Gordon Murray said Mr Millard had put his children in danger, and that any collision or loss of control would have had "fatal" consequences for the unrestrained toddlers.

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