Jail for driver who killed motorist while using 2 mobiles

By Gary Adair

A woman who was sending and receiving texts and calls on two different mobiles phones before crashing into another vehicle, and killing it's driver, has been given a 6 year jail sentence.

Marina Usaceva, aged 31, denied using her mobile phone at the time of the road traffic accident which involved 3 vehicles. She had driven her Jaguar X-Type into the back of a Peugeot 206, with witnesses saying she was travelling over 70mph in a 60mph zone and that she had braked sharply when she encountered a speed camera, hitting the car belonging to Sukhdeep Singh Johal, aged 27, who died at the scene of the accident.

Two mobile phones were retrieved from Ms Usaceva's car but she continued to deny that she was using them around the time of the fatal accident. Examinations revealed that she had sent and received texts and calls on both mobiles shortly before the crash. She admitted causing death by dangerous driving and appeared at Peterborough crown court for sentencing. She had been caught by police on two separate occasions in 2009 and 2012, both times for using her phone while at the wheel.

Judge Sean Enright said that Ms Usaceva had not shown "a scrap of remorse" and that he believed that she was at the very least "fiddling" with her phone at the time of accident. He called the use of mobile phones by drivers a "plague on our society" and sentenced her to 6 years in prison and disqualified her from driving for 8 years.

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