Driving ban for travelling with unharnessed child

By Gary Adair

A motorist has been fined and given a 6 month driving ban after being caught on camera traveling at 70mph with a child standing up in the front passenger seat.

John Naisbitt, aged 66, was traveling with his grandson along the A59 between Harrogate and Skipton. A traffic officer recorded Mr Naisbitt who was speeding at 70mph while his grandson was unrestrained in the passenger seat next to him - the speed limit for the road is 60mph. Mr Nasibitt was also recorded on video lighting a cigarette as he drove.

Traffic officer Andy Firth said he was shocked by the behaviour of Mr Naisbitt, and said "he had no consideration of the safety of his front seat passenger."

Mr Naisbitt pleaded guilty to the charges of exceeding the speed limit and driving in a manner likely to cause danger to another. He did however contend that he had strapped the toddler into a booster seat and that the boy must have wriggled free without him noticing. Magistrate John Seymour however questioned how he would have failed to notice the boy was not safely harnessed, as on the video he appears to be standing on the seat.

Mr Naisbitt already had 9 penalty points on his licence for speeding offences. The court added a further 3 penalty points resulting in a 6 month ban under the 'totting up' system, and also added a separate 3 month disqualification. He was also ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £150.

It is important for anyone traveling with young children to be aware of the law in respect of child car seats. For some information, including when a child can travel without a car seat click here.

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