Daughters to contest inheritance conditions that reward marriage

By Lenore Rice

The two daughters of millionaire Maurice Laboz, who died at the age of 77 this year, are going to court to contest the conditions he placed on the inheritances he set out for them in his Will.

Mr Laboz wrote his will in April 2014, just 9 months before his death. He left his two daughters Marlena, aged 21, and Victoria, aged 17, $10million each, which they will not collect until they are 35 years old. They can however receive their inheritance sooner if they meet certain conditions in respect of marriage and graduating from an 'accredited university.' The remainder of his $37million estate was left to charity.

If the daughters marry before they are 35 they can earn $500,000 of their inheritance, but only if their husbands sign pre-nuptial agreements promising not to make any claim against the money. If they graduate from an 'accredited university' they can receive $750,000, but only if the trustees approve a '100 words or less' essay that the daughters have to write about how they will use the inheritance money. Under the conditions of the Will the daughters will also have their annual salaries trebled, starting in 2020.

The daughters are hoping to contest the Will in a hearing in Manhatton court on 12th August, and are expected to say that the rules imposed are unreasonable.

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