Agency Agreements

Why do you need an Agency Agreement

Manufacturers use agency agreements to reduce the risk in entering unfamiliar jurisdictions. An agent makes contacts in a jurisdiction and sells the product to a third party. The agent is a facilitator and the sale contract is directly between the third party consumer and the manufacturer. The agency agreement dictates the terms for payment, exclusivity, term, liability and exit.

An agent should ensure that their is an agency agreement in place to ensure that their liability is limited and that they are authorised to make the contract on behalf of the manufacturer. The goodwill value of the agents business will also be linked directly to the agency agreement and the agent should ensure that they choose the correct method of compensation on exit. All agency agreements which allow for exclusive jurisdiction are subject to competition law restrictions.

How we can help

Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors can advise and negotiate the terms of the agency agreement on behalf of either party. We will advise on risk, exit strategy and ensuring that the agency agreement is compliant with European and UK competition law.

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