Incapacity Issues

Registration of Enduring Power of Attorney

If you have effected an Enduring Power of Attorney and subsequently become incapable of managing your affairs there is a requirement to have the document registered at the High Court. This is to safeguard you and your assets. The court has the power to monitor the actions of the attorneys.

Applications for Controllers

When no Enduring Power of Attorney exists the Office of Care and Protection which is a division of the High Court takes charge of a patient's assets and after a Court Hearing appoints a Controller who is usually a relative. The assets are held in Court and an annual percentage fee is charged by the Court for its administration duties. If the controller wishes to spend money on the patient the Court has to approve the expenditure.

How we can help

An Enduring Power of Attorney can only be made whilst you are mentally capable. We will prepare the court application documentation for the registration of an Enduring Power of Attorney or Office of Care and Protection Controllership, attend the court hearings and guide and assist you through the processe

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